Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sex Offender, And Murder Felon Arrested

Man Arrested After Registering As Sex Offender At Sheriff's Office
LABELLE, FL. -- On April 4, 2014, Cody Richard Gray Hawk, aka Richard Ray Long, came to the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office to register as a sex offender. It was discovered by Deputy Sheriff B. Weaver that 42 year old Hawk had failed to previously register and was in violation of Florida State Statute 943.0435 and Hendry County Ordinance 2005-7.

Through Deputy Weaver’s investigation Hawk, the suspect, had been residing at 14135 South State Road 29, Felda, since January 27, 2014. Further investigation through the State of Tennessee Sexual Offender Registry, revealed that Hawk aka Long, was listed as Absconder since November 7, 2013, for Failing to Report within 48 hours, as required by the State of Tennessee.

Records show that Hawk aka Long was arrested on charges of Attempted Rape in the State of Tennessee on June 22, 2001 and later was indicted on charges of Statutory Rape. Hawk aka Long received a sentence of 2 years suspended. 

Hendry County Records indicated that Hawk aka Long was arrested in 1991 on charges of Homicide and sentenced to 2nd Degree Murder and received 12 years, serving only 7 years in State Prison.

Additional records revealed that on October 7, 2013, an Investigator with Newbern, Tennessee Police Department spoke with residents at the address Hawk provided as his home, who told him that Hawk had already moved to Florida.

It was discovered that payroll records from a local employer revealed that the suspect had been employed in Felda since August 2013.

Hawk did come to the Hendry County Sheriff’s on April 4, 2014 and did register with Deputy B. Weaver and provided her an address of residence in Hendry County at 14135 S. State Road 29. Hawk has claimed that he no longer lives at the Felda address, but rather relocated to 1427 Ortona Locks Road, Glades County on April 14, 2014.

Hawk is currently being held in the Hendry County Jail on a No Bond, awaiting trial. To find out more about Sex Offenders or Predators in your area visit

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