Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Treating Wildfire Hazards In Glades County

Palmdale, FL - When the Florida Forest Service is not actively engaged in wildland firefighting, your local State Wildland Firefighters are identifying large parcels of unmanaged land that pose a wildfire risk to communities. A parcel of land in Palmdale has been identified off of US 27 and 2nd street. The parcel has been treated for wildfire hazard reduction.

When a natural area becomes overgrown, a purging fire is inevitable and natural. “On large parcels of land, leaf blowers and hedge trimmers are not an effective or cost efficient way to treat hazardous fuels buildup,” states Forest Ranger Elmer Sauceda. “The process of reducing the wildfire risk will include reduction or elimination of hazardous accumulation of dead leaf litter through mechanical and prescribed fire treatments.”

Forest Ranger Elmer Sauceda uses a bulldozer with a metal drum (roller chopper) and protruding metal blades knocks down and cuts up flammable dense shrubs. “Chopping is essential in areas where the vegetation has grown to dangerous heights,” Elmer explains. “The roller chopper is designed to knock down and chop up brush and trees up to about 3 inches in diameter.”

State Wildland Firefighters are working hard to reduce the wildfire risk in your community and they encourage homeowners who live near nature to build a wildfire emergency kit, and make a wildfire plan with your family. Design your home and landscaping with safety in mind, and use materials and plants that might contain a fire, instead of fueling it. Regularly cleaning gutters and chimneys is a must, and move flammable objects like patio furniture away from the house. Protect vinyl and wood construction materials; they are more vulnerable to fire. And if there is a wildfire in nearby, evacuate early! Take your emergency kit and follow your family wildfire plan. Learn how to be a good neighbor with nature at www.FloridaForestService.com/Wildfires

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