Sunday, October 11, 2015

Randall Leaver Drives Through Funnel Cloud

ST. PETERSBURG, FL. --- Randall Leaver, 56 of Wesley Chapel, Fl. got a unexpected ride in a possible tornado Sunday morning while driving a U.S. Postal Service truck over the Skyway Bridge south of St. Petersburg.

Leaver, in a U.S. Postal contractor semi truck was headed northbound about 9:42 a.m. Sunday in the right lane on I-275 in Manatee county at approximately the 7.5 mile marker when a funnel cloud approached the roadway from the west to the east, crossing the roadway.

The semi truck was lifted and turned onto its right side. Then the truck was then picked up a second time and placed upright. Leaver remained inside the vehicle for the duration of the event, sustaining no injury. At the same time a nearby construction site was damaged, a small boat was overturned and multiple signs were knocked over. There were no reported injuries.

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  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    hehe... Randall mentioned on TV, that god was with him. IF "God" WAS with him, the spout would have avoided him altogether. Hehehehe...religious people.