Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Scam Alert - Utility Company Warns Of Fake Employee Calls

MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- October 14, 2015: Glades Electric Cooperative Members are increasingly the target of scammers attempting to fraudulently collect money by posing as utility employees.

During the past several months GEC has received calls from concerned members verifying the status of their account stating they received telephone calls from a person claiming to be a cooperative employee. The caller demands a payment to keep the member from having their electric service disconnected.

In some cases the member is instructed to provide a credit card payment immediately over the phone. At other times the member is told to purchase a pre-paid credit card and call another number to submit their payment.

Telephone numbers appearing on member’s caller ID shows a valid GEC telephone number, however, this is another trick of the scammers as the call did not generate from our office. GEC employees do not make phone calls to collect a payment.

Members are encouraged to call GEC directly to verify the status of their account and to report any suspicious activity to their local law enforcement agency.

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