Saturday, February 18, 2012

Glades Commissioner Storter Explains Tussle With Manager

Storter Feels Not Getting Good Answers From County Manager

MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- In an open letter Glades county commissioner Donna Storter Long says her perceived "bulldog tenacity" is just a way to get straight answers.

After a recent commission meeting she explains her concerns about a new position being created, "...Our agenda packet included  the County Manager’s request to relocate a County Employee from one department to fill a new position in Community Development Department (CDD) titled Administrative Assistant with proposed salary range of $13.46 to $18.27 per hour.  Since the CDD does not have this position budgeted, the proposal was to take the budget line item (salary funding) with the transferred Employee from the Department where they are now working."

Storter went on to list questions for which she wanted answers and then Storter said in her letter, "Therefore when I asked questions about the new CDD position requested by the County Manager, all of the above information  had to be considered.  The responses I received from the County Manager were not definitive, were at times facetious, and possibilities were flippantly mentioned that could not  legally  occur, as pointed out by the County Clerk concerning budget transfers."

Storter ends, "My quest for information has been described as 'bulldog tenacity', that I 'don’t know when to let up'. Glades County Taxpayers, it is YOUR tax revenue the BoCC is spending and I can assure you that hearsay will not guide my decisions, only facts clearly stated.  When I approach other County Employees seeking information or help, they provide me with clear concise answers, usually very promptly  always with politeness. For that I am appreciative, and expect no less from the County Manager whose responsive conduct should be professionally courteous to all 5 commissioners, staff and You the Public.

"I hope this clears the Public’s perception of my persistent and polite questioning of the County Manager
whose position is paid $96,532 by YOUR tax dollars. Each County Commissioner’s salary is $25,444 plus $3600 per year for travel compensation.   It is incumbent upon us to protect County interests with decisions based on facts. You pay us to serve YOU."

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