Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mack Truck Overturns - Spills Thousand Gallons

Cleaning Chemicals Spill On Florida Highway

MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- A 2001 Mack Truck and trailer driven by Brian McQuaig, 39 of Zolfo Springs overturned on US27 west of Wagon Trail Road Friday about 2:49 p.m. leaving about $90,000 in damage after spilling 1,000 gallons of cleaning chemicals. 

The crash caused the driver of a motorcycle to suffer minor injuries.

McQuaig and a motorcycle were eastbound on US Highway 27 (State Road 25), the truck and towed trailer were behind the 2008 Harley driving by Peter Anthony Lacavalla, 71 of Cape Coral. 

A school bus then came to a stop in the outside lane of US Highway 27. The driver of the school bus then activated the vehicle's traffic devices. The motorcycle and several other eastbound vehicles came to a stop for the school bus. The truck then attempted to come to an abrupt stop and swerved to avoid colliding with the motorcycle.

The truck and towed trailer departed the roadway, the towed trailer overturned before coming to final rest in the center grassy median of US Highway 27. The impact caused the container of the towed trailer to rupture, spilling approximately 1,000 gallons of a non-hazardous cleaning solution. 

The Harley was showered with the liquid from the towed trailer, and the motorcycle driver then lost control and the cycle overturned onto it's left side in the outside lane.

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