Friday, February 03, 2012

How To Make A Kid's Movie

LaBelle Church Offers Movie Making Classes To Kids

LABELLE, FL. -- Think your kids have a knack for making videos and movies? The Assembly of God Church in LaBelle is offering after school movie making and editing classes for kids ages 10 and up. 

Pastor Clifford Avery says each Tuesday afternoon students meet at the church to work on various movie making projects. They practice using cameras, lighting, angles, composure, and green screen effects. 

They also spend time in front of the camera preparing news releases for the Internet.
The free class also include video editing with Microsoft Movie Maker Live and Pinnacle studio.
Avery says, "If you have a student that is interested people video recording, acting or editing video media, the class meets after school every Tuesday at Labelle Assembly of God on Fraser Avenue Across from Edward A. Upthegrove Elementary school."

Students can make reservations to be part of the class by calling (863) 675-0900. 

Avery adds, "If you are a local business in town that believes that a HD advertisement would help you, we would be glad to put our film making abilities into practice for you. And of course all services and classes are free."

Photo Above: Kayla Harn, Jacqueline Wilkens, Karly Harn doing a spoof on Charlie’s Angels using a yard vacuum cleaner, baseball bat and a hammer. The young ladies are standing in front of the green screen which will be replaced with a different background through photo editing.

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