Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Judge Lets Drug Suspect Out Of Jail To Help Grandma

LaBelle's Bryan Boyle - Out Of Jail Again

LABELLE, FL. -- Hendry Sheriff Steve Whidden and state prosecutors just can't keep Bryan Boyle in jail.

Last arrested on meth and meth pipe possession charges in December, and stuck in jail with no bond possible because of violating his probation terms, County Judge James Sloan gave him a get out of jail card Monday.

Boyle's West Palm Beach attorney Scott H. Cupp made a request to Sloan for a "furlough," a nice term for getting out of jail pending further order of the court.

Boyle told the court he was needed to take care of his ailing grandmother. The court order signed by Sloan February 13th says "Defendent is to be released on house arrest to care for his terminally ill grandmother. He is not to leave the residence unless it is due to a medical emergency."

The Assistant State Attorney Justin Chapman objected to Boyle's motion for "furlough." Sloan overruled the objection.

Boyle has spent about six weeks in jail on the meth charges. Hearings are pending.

Boyle lives with his mother Susan Lynn Kennedy, aka Susan Denning and grandmother Carolyn Kennedy in Port LaBelle's Laurel Oaks subdivision.

Susan is the subject of multiple Hendry arrests and jail stays. She was last adjudicated guilty of violating drivers license restrictions and sentenced by Judge Sloan to 3 days in jail on February 6th.

Photos: Bryan Boyle (top), Judge James Sloan (bottom)

UPDATE: Boyle was picked up by authorities at his grandmother's house on Springview Circle in Port LaBelle about 6 p.m. Thursday, February 16th.  This would make his 2nd violation of parole arrest. He reportedly was seen on an ATV this morning driving in the area, violating the terms of the "furlough" to be inside his grandmother's house at all times.

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  1. Anonymous6:37 PM

    SO has arrested Brian on a new VOP charge two units are at his house . I would have been easier on everyone just to have kept in in jail. Instead of falling for sob story about taking care of his grandma who is supporting Brian and his mother.

  2. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Should have just kept him in jail.

  3. Brianna Armstrong7:44 AM

    I don't understand you Mr.Browne. What has Mr.Boyle done to you? If he so much as crosses the yellow line you wirte a story about it. Yes, he has had some trouble with the law but really only for driving with no license.It is not right to point out everything that the man has done wrong in his life!! Who are you to judge?? No one is perfect. Expect GOD! And even he forgives..I know for a fact that his grandmother is very sick, its not just a sob story. And Mr.Boyle is very very close to his Nana as he calls her. I just pray that she makes it to see her beloved grandson come home. You Mr.Browne are a cold hearted man to poke fun and make a story out of someone else's hardest times!!!

  4. Mr. Boyle has crossed the yellow line a bit more than the average person. The latest "crossing" was a felony arrest for meth possession. And this week's arrest was for violating the terms of his house arrest, i.e., leaving the house where he was supposed to be caring for his grandmother, while cavorting around the neighborhood driving a ATV.

    We all hope Mr. Boyle will get some treatment if he has a drug or alcohol problem, resulting in some bad decision making. I'm sure many in the community will reach out to support him if he will accept rehab.

  5. Anonymous11:27 PM

    His Grandmother is a guest at Hope Hospice and not even at home. The neighborhood is now back to normal no drug deals going down, no people visiting with criminal records we can go on for hours Some neighbors would like the judge to live here so he owuld understand the problem

  6. Brianna Armstrong12:08 AM

    His Grandmother just went to hope hopsice to day Mr.Boyle went to jail...Mr.Boyle was cleaning up the yard at the request of his grandmother not " cavorting around" on his ATV...I just wish that everyone would remember that there is always 2 sides 2 every story...I understand that Mr.Boyle has been a pain in the butt to the neighborhood..But he does want to change please just give him a chance when he comes home..he really is a good person and would help anyone... in a lot of ways that's one of the reason he gets into trouble, for helping the wrong people..

  7. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Why Does Meth Have the Highest Rate of Relapse? Similar to issues experienced by cocaine addicts, meth addicts face an entourage of obstacles. Oftentimes, meth users are closely connected with a group of friends who also use meth. Buying, using and even producing meth is part of the group culture. Daily obligations are altered or ignored to ensure that meth use is the primary priority. Thus, staying abstinent from meth virtually always involves the addict needing to shift his or her entire social circle. Shifts in daily routine can be emotionally taxing, but they must be adhered to in order to preclude a relapse.
    Statistics show that a meth user than has been clean for "One Year" is given only a 50% chance to stay clean. Someone that WANTS to change, can, but it is a very difficult drug to kick. Bryan has been a long time user, not only of meth, thus making it much harder on him to kick any drug habit. Unfortunately, Bryan is not the only one in this town that uses this drug. Anyone who "TRIES" Meth, has a 24% chance of becoming addicted. Instead of defending a well know, long time drug addict... Brianna why aren't you stating statistics? You of all people know first hand the effects these drugs have had on you, your mom and many of your acquaintances. I personally know that trying to help a person with a drug problem is a lost cause, because, they say they want to change, but they love the life too much to give it up.