Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hendry Judge Gives Ruby Parker 13 Year Sentence

Long Trial Ends With Sentencing For Ruby Parker

LABELLE, FL. -- Circuit Judge John E. Duryea, Jr. on February 24, 2012 sentences Ruby Yolanda Parker to 13 years in state prison after the conclusion of a two week long triple murder trial.

Assistant State Attorney Hamid Hunter argues in court for a long sentence, and after hearing arguments, the judge sentences Parker to two year less than the maximum possible..

Parker claimed she was afraid of her married boyfriend Richard Harker, who killed himself at a police road block after the two robbed three Clewiston residents, while Harker killed all three.

As there were no longer any witnesses, Parker said in court she was held against her will by Harker.

She received a guilty judgment from 12 jurors in LaBelle, Florida for robbery, a felony; and three counts of culpable negligence, misdemeanors.

(Video: Hamid Hunter argues for a long prison sentence for Ruby Parker, Judge gives Parker 13 years)

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