Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Prison Being Foreclosed? - Mortgage In Default

MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- At the latest Glades County Commission meeting Glades Sheriff Stuart Whiddon informed the Board that the mortgage holder has served notice of default on the detention facility that houses the jail. 

He said Glades Correctional Development Corp, owner of the facility has been able to only make half the principal and interest payment due to the low numbers of detainees held in the facility. The facility was built to hold 985 prisoners. Operating costs are met but due to low numbers of detainees for which ICE is paying, there was not enough revenue generated to pay the full annual mortgage payment, the Sheriff explained.

Glades County Commissioner Echols, who serves as the county commission's representation on the GCDC Board of Directors, informed the Board that they have met with ICE, the lobbyist recently hired, and a representative of the area's congressman to discuss the financial issues of the facility. ICE has indicated they will not guarantee a number of detainees at the current rate, but offered to contract for a much lower per diem rate, a rate that will not cover expenses, according to the Echols.

He said the County and Board is responsible for providing for incarceration of county prisoners, of which there are 39 to 45 on any given day. He again stressed the importance of getting the old jail facility renovated for use should the larger facility be closed.

Sheriff Whiddon stated that if county prisoners are moved back to the old jail facility, he will bring 20 or more Marshall prisoners with them; he stated the county needs to consider renovating the old health department building for an administration building for the Sheriff if the prisoners are moved back to the county’s jail.

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