Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Glades Still Searching For New County Manager

MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- At this week's Glades Commission Meeting, several applicants were removed from the list of prospective county managers.

The Board agreed to accept one application that was received by USPS before the August 23 deadline but delivery by USPS was delayed due to the county’s change of mailing address.

And the Board moved to accept County Attorney Pringle’s determination that three applicants for County Manager were non-responsive because they listed no Florida government experience. Applicants removed from consideration were John Granger, Fred Vella and Patrick Jordan.

Chairman Donna Storter stated that two applicants listed military history but only one claimed veteran’s preference and Mr. Pringle will review the current requirements for the Board to consider proper application of veteran’s preference.

Storter directed Interim County Manager Jones to have County HR Director Whitney begin the verification of employment and references with report to be provided to the Board at the August 30 workshop at which time the Board will discuss the merits of each applicant but will not rank them until the September 12 meeting. No decisions are allowed by law to be made at workshop meetings.

In other business, Interim County Manager Bob Jones reminded the Board of the Friday
August 30 9AM workshop at which the Board will discuss the proposed Purchasing Policy, County Manager applicants, and finalize the 2013-2014 budget recommendations.

Jones discussed the need to replace the courthouse surveillance security camera system and will bring it back as a business item with two price quotes. Jones stated it has been difficult getting responses from contractors as only one electrician, one insulation contractor, and three air-conditioner contractors have responded to his requests for proposals.

Jones reported Globex Engineering will submit the permit renewal for the county landfill as well as jet cleaning leachate field pipes and prepare Technical Quality Water Reports.

Avant Brown reported that the 2012-2013 road paving was recently completed and reflectors and striping will be in place soon.

Brown stated the agreement with Aim Engineering for the resurfacing or Ortona Locks Road has been executed.

Chairman Storter inquired of the possibility of Road Sup’t Brown having the parking lot stripes repainted; Brown said with traffic, it may be something that will have to be done on a weekend.

Commissioner Beck commented on the progress of the Harney Pond Canal Park renovations, suggesting the commissioners and public drive out to see the improvements.

Commissioner Griffin commented that the Budget work had been a challenge and the deficit is still over $500k; he stated when the $30 fee is imposed on fines and penalties we can expect about $100,000 per year that will help with courthouse facility maintenance; he also stated that not hiring a county manager this year would save $135,000.

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