Saturday, September 02, 2017

2018 Pioneer Family Nominations At Museum

LaBelle Heritage Museum will present a list of families who have lived and still live in the LaBelle community area a minimum of 50 years to the Swamp Cabbage Festival Committee at its October meeting for possible selection as 2018's Pioneer Family at the November meeting.  The museum has a list of eligible families, some who have lived in the area before the creation of Hendry County and others who just meet the 50 year requirement, who would embody the spirit of what constitutes a "Pioneer Family" but would also like suggestions of families deserving recognition for making LaBelle "special" from the community at large.  

While many of our Pioneer Families have included elected officials and successful business men -- and women -- this is not a necessary qualification.  The Pioneer Family could possibly be one that consistently overcame adversities that faced them, could be a family whose children consistently became contributing members of the community,  regarded by their peers over the years as being among those who make LaBelle what it is.
Your suggestion for Pioneer Family may be one the museum already plans to present to the Swamp Cabbage Festival Committee or may be one the museum has inadvertently overlooked. 

Whatever the situation, the volunteers at LaBelle Heritage Museum will help all in putting together the information the Swamp Cabbage Festival needs in making its decision come November. Call (863) 674-0034, email or drop by our temporary museum office in the 1905 Aiken-Rider House at 360 North Bridge Street to discuss your suggestions for the 2018 Swamp Cabbage Festival's LaBelle Area Pioneer Family.  If not Pioneer Family at the 52nd Annual Swamp Cabbage Festival in 2018, then there will be many more years to come in which your suggestion could be honored at Pioneer Family. 

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