Friday, September 15, 2017

LaBelle Hurricane Video - Recovery

LABELLE, FL. -- Electric is slowly being restored in Hendry County and more businesses are opening up as power is restored. Crews are working the streets to clean up debris, while FPL contractors can be seen with new poles and trucks staging around the area for electric line repair though the neighborhoods.

4,820 on Saturday and 3,140 as of Sunday 9 a.m. FPL customers still had no power out of 9,700 in Hendry County, and in Glades county 1,080 on Saturday and 560 as of Sunday 9 a.m. had no power of 3,400 FPL customers.

It appears that priority infrastructure has electric power restored first including nursing homes, supermarkets, gas stations. Earlier this week, electric was restored quickly to residential communities that had underground utility wires, some as early as Monday night, 30 hours after the power went out.

Open today among other businesses is World Class Barbershop, Advanced Auto, Discount Auto, Winn-Dixie, Save A Lot, Dollar General Market, McDonalds, and the Handy gas station on Cowboy Way.

The Caloosa Humane Society is transferring many of it's dogs to Brandenton, Fl, while the cats and kittens have found foster homes with volunteers. 

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