Thursday, September 07, 2017

Emergency Shelter Changes

MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- THE FOLLOWING SHELTERS ARE THE ONLY SHELTERS THAT WILL BE OPEN WITH SECURITY MEDICAL AT THEM. Any other shelters are not Glades county supported or being opened as shelters for Irma at this time.

Shelters: will open at 5:30 pm 9/8/17, The *PSN Shelter will open at 2pm 9/8/17

MAPLE GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH, 12777 E SR 78 NE, LAKEPORT WEST GLADES ELEMENTARY, 2586 CR 731, BUILDING 500, MUSE Moore Haven High School Gym, 700 Terrier Pride Drive SW, MH *PSN ONLY - WEST GLADES ELEMENTARY, 2586 CR 731, BUILDING 300, MUSE (must be registered) You can get an application at and fax it to 863-946- 1091. These have to be approved by Department of Health and take a few days to approve or deny.

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