Saturday, September 09, 2017

Last Resort Shelter In Clewiston

East Hendry County will be opening a refuge of LAST RESORT at the Clewiston High School, located at 1501 S. Francisco Street at 1pm, Saturday September 9, 2017.

The mandatory evacuation zone includes the City of Clewiston, Hookers Point, Harlem,
Flaghole, Montura Ranch Estates and the communities located within the Mid-County
MSBU which includes Ladeca, Pioneer Plantation and Leon-Dennis Subdivision (Al Don
Farming Road).

This shelter is NOT for people from the mandatory evacuation zone who are already in a
shelter. This is a LAST RESORT shelter for those who have not already sought shelter.

If you are already in a shelter, do NOT leave and relocate

This is not an extended stay shelter. The refuge of last resort at Clewiston High School
will open Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 1pm. It will close when the wind speed drops
below 40 mph.

No services will be available at this site as it is only a refuge of LAST RESORT.
If you are already in a shelter, do NOT leave and relocate. THIS COULD PUT MANY
LIVES AT RISK. It is very important that you respect this order as emergency personnel
will not respond once sustained winds hit 35mph.

Tropical storm force winds are expected by this evening at 8pm. Outer bands from the
storm are already moving through the area.

Residents who need to evacuate to shelter are urged to do so IMMEDIATELY.
Again, this is a LAST RESORT shelter for those in the mandatory evacuation zone who
have not yet evacuated.

Pets are allowed in the Clewiston High School Shelter but MUST be crated.

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