Thursday, March 02, 2017

9 Month Moratorium On Hendry Marijuana Facilities

HENDRY COUNTY, FL. -- The following is a highlight of the Hendry County Board of County Commissioners meeting held on Tuesday, February 28 at the LaBelle Commission Chambers.


· RFQ #2017-03 Construction Engineering and Inspection services for Sidewalk on CR78 from Kell Mill Blvd. to Crescent Ave. SW - Bids were opened on January 4, 2017. The selection committee met on February 14, 2017 and ranked KCCS Construction Services as the number one firm. FDOT will be funding this project. The Board approved the selection committee’s ranking.

· RFQ #2017-05 Design & Permitting, Construction and Construction Engineering, & Inspection for WC Owen Avenue from Georgia to US 27 – Bids were opened on January 4, 2017. The selection committee met on February 14, 2017 and ranked Johnson Engineering, Inc. as the number one firm for the design and permitting services and Aim Engineering & Surveying, Inc. for the CEI services. The FDOT will be fully funding this project. The Board approved the selection committee’s ranking.


· Budget Amendment for additional Permitting Technician – The Building Department has shown a significant increase in permitting activity that includes a trend of increased revenues for the last three years. The amount of permit applications has increased 60% in the last three years. The request includes an hourly rate range of $12.26 to $14.52 plus benefits to be determined at time of hire based on qualifications. The Board approved a budget amendment to fund a previously vacant and frozen existing position for a Permit Technician.


· Project Trentino – Resolution of Support for QTI Tax Refund – ATIO USA LLC, an advanced aluminum smelting operation, has brought forth a proposition to bring their manufacturing and headquarters operation to the City of Clewiston. The project includes a projected $25.778 million dollar capital investment, the hiring of 39 employees over a one year period carrying an average annual wage of $46,377 and would commence within 6 months. The company submitted a Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund (QTI) application with Enterprise Florida. This is a competitive project, with other locations still being considered, and full QTI approval will not be issued without the passing of the local resolution. The resolution has no financial impact on Hendry County. The Board approved the QTI Resolution.


· Adoption of Ordinance – Ordinance Establishing a Moratorium of Permitting Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers - This ordinance is based on Amendment 2. The temporary moratorium of nine (9) months on these facilities is to allow Hendry County staff sufficient time to determine what uses are best suited to a particular zoning category and how best to formulate land development regulations that appropriately govern the use of real property for purposes of distributing or dispensing marijuana and related activities. The Board approved adoption of the Ordinance.

· Adoption of Ordinance - Proposed Land Development Amendment Section 1-53-2.2, Land Use Classifications, adding a definition for Mobile Home Subdivisions Ordinance defining a Mobile Home Subdivision in the Hendry County Land Development Code (LDC). Currently there is not a definition in the LDC for Mobile Home Subdivision. The new definition designates a Mobile Home Subdivision as an area with individually owned lots that is developed with mobile homes. See the posted agenda item for the full definition available on our website at The Board approved adoption of the Ordinance.

· Adoption of Ordinance – CPA16-0005 County Initiated Comprehensive Proposed Future Land Use (FLU) Map Amendment – The County initiated the reclassification of approximately 38+ acres located in North LaBelle from Residential, Low-Density to Residential, Medium Density. Staff recommended this change due to the area being zoned for mobile homes. The change to the FLU would make these properties consistent with the intended use. Allowing property owners the opportunity to further advance their properties in line with their intended use. The Board approved adoption of the Ordinance.


· Approve Submission of a Grant Application to the USDA to Fund a Feasibility Study/Needs Assessment to Construct a New Hendry County Courthouse Complex – The Courthouse Complex would include a new Jail, Courtrooms, Sheriff’s Offices, some Constitutional Offices and the repurposing the existing Courthouse to the Administration Center and other Constitutional Offices. The feasibility study/needs assessment is estimated to cost $95,000 and is required when seeking Federal or State funds. The study qualifies for funding under the USDA Community Facilities for Public Bodies. The Board approved staff to make application for the funds and (if awarded the grant) advertise an RFQ for professional services.

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