Friday, March 03, 2017

Free WiFi At Community Centers - Felda, Harlem, Pioneer

HENDRY COUNTY, FL. -- Hendry County installed free WiFi in several community centers throughout the County. The WiFi is available in the Pioneer Community Center at 910 Panama Ave in Clewiston, FL, the Felda Community Center at 1050 CR 830 in Felda, FL and the Harlem Community Center at 2000 7th St in Clewiston, FL.

“Offering public Wi-Fi in our community centers at no additional cost to taxpayers helps bridge the digital divide in our communities where high-speed internet offerings are limited,” said Director of Technology Ryan Purdy. “This initiative aids in our effort to promote transparency while offering residents’ access to internet based services that have become a necessity in many households.”

The public WiFi will benefit the unique population distribution of Hendry County in that many of its residents live in outlying areas and have limited access to the internet. The County is using the public WiFi to tailor its communication options to the communities that it serves to increase transparency and provide additional resources and options via the internet for the use of the community centers by our residents.

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