Monday, March 27, 2017

Billy Murphy Tells Tales April 6

Billy Murphy, well-known spinner of tales about living in a Florida in a time not so long ago that many of us remember well but maybe not the way Billy does and tells what he remembers, will tell a tale or two about what it means to be a Florida Cracker at LaBelle Heritage Museum's Thursday, April 6, Program Meeting starting at 7 o'clock. 

 Billy grew up and went to school in Alva but now lives in LaBelle with his wife Lana, a member of both LaBelle's Rider Family and also Felda's Aylor Family.

Regulars and guests are asked to enter the 1911 William H. Poole Building from the back door as the front door will not be accessible due to the foundation stabilization, building renovation, restoration and new ADA handicap access made possible by our Special Category Historic Preservation Grant from the Florida Bureau of Historic Preservation. 

Kinfolk, neighbors and friends are used to coming in the back door and all are welcome at the program. LaBelle Heritage Museum is located at 360 North Bridge Street with parking available immediately across the street at Harold Curtis Honey Company courtesy of Rene Curtis Pratt. Be sure to tell Rene how much you appreciate her being such a good neighbor by providing extra parking whenever LaBelle Heritage Museum has an evening program.

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