Thursday, December 15, 2011

Busy Week In LaBelle Real Estate -21 Homes Sold -1 Bankruptcy

More Hendry Homes Selling - Large Landowner Goes Bankrupt

LABELLE, FL. -- While real estate is not fully back to pre-2007 days, this week's latest homes sales shows some improvements with 21 homes closed in the LaBelle area of Hendry county, while a large landowner files for bankrupcy.

In distressed real estate, about 640 acres of land and excavated lakes on Church Road in southern Hendry county, almost went to sale for back taxes Thursday. Lake Trafford Independent Baptist Church, Inc., a non-profit located at 1207 Carson Road in Immokalee owes $507,000 in back taxes to Hendry County on it's vacant acreage on the Hendry/Collier county line.

But just before a tax sale was to be held Thursday morning at the Hendry courthouse, Delta Aggregate LLC bought the property, then filed bankruptcy, staying the sale until the Federal Bankruptcy Court gives permission for a sale. Delta had a lien against Lake Trafford Independent Baptist.

The president of the church organization is James Frederick Jr. who also is president of another non-profit, Steps To The Future Children's Home, Inc. located at the same Immokalee address.

Carl Gee, with a Georgia address is listed as a director of the Children's Home. A same name Gee, with a LaBelle address is the owner of Earth Vision Landscaping LLC, of Dellwood Terrace in Port LaBelle. Earth Vision was dissolved in September 2007.

From 12/6/2011 to 12/13/2011, there were 21 homes sold in the LaBelle area for an average price of $76,381. The homes (lowest priced are mobile homes) included:

1)$145,000on6th Ave
2)$45,000onAmanda St
3)$20,000onAvalon Ave
4)$30,000onAvalon Ave
5)$33,000onCase Rd
6)$72,000onCounty Road 78
7)$15,000onFort Center Ave
8)$265,000onFort Denaud Rd
9)$33,000onFrancis Ct
10)$49,000onKell Mill Blvd
11)$210,000onLive Oak Ln
12)$10,000onMarion Ave
13)$95,000onNiles St
14)$7,000onNoble Pine Dr
15)$52,000onPalm Ave
16)$335,000onRiverbend Dr
17)$23,000onSeminole Ave
18)$10,000onState Road 29 S
19)$52,000onS Hickory St
20)$73,000onSW Tradewinds Cir
21)$30,000onW Palomar Cir

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