Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gold Seller Alert - "Road Show" Hits LaBelle

New Company Offers To Buy Gold Silver & Antiques "As Seen On TV"

LABELLE, FL. -- Hendry and Glades county, Florida residents may have received a color brochure in the mail this week advertising the "Original Roadshow Gold, Silver & Antique" event "as seen on TV," according to the large direct mail piece.

However, despite the perhaps misleading advertisement, the company Gold Coast Refining LLC of Boca Raton, Florida appears to be a less than three-month old outfit, having filed for incorporation with the Florida Secretary of State in September of 2011.

One of the promised gimmicks to bring sellers in to the Port LaBelle Inn for seven days is a claim of "50% more than the pawn and jewelry stores are paying." Included prominently on the ad is a scratch to win feature to win a flat screen tv or a Walmart gift card.

The outfit makes the claim "we own our own refiners, so cut out the middleman" as the reason they can pay 50% more than pawn or jewelry stores. The "refinery" and home office of Gold Coast Refining appears to be located in a modest middle class home at 429 NE 32 Street in Boca Raton, owned by Jessica and Phillip Hoylman. Jessica is one of the company owners.

The ad's fine print indicates everyone has a 100% chance to win a gift card "while supplies last" and a one in 9,372 chance for the TV. The big "BUT" is you must sell some gold to win a prize, otherwise you get a "consolation prize."

How the 3-month old company is claiming to be the "Original Roadshow" we can't figure, although the popular History Channel's Pawn Stars show, featuring the Harrison family's Gold & Silver Pawn Shop based in Las Vegas, is doing their own "road show" style traveling tour throughout the U.S. and Canada, buying gold and antiques.

The Florida company, Gold Coast Refinery LLC is owned by Sean McNamara of Fort Lauderdale, and Jessica Lynn Hoylman of Boca Raton. Hoylman has owned several apparently failed used auto type businesses in the past, including Super Auto Liquidation Events LLC, Sales Promotions USA , and Vintracker of Florida LLC.

Responding to how the wording in the company's direct mail advertisement was chosen, Holylman says "I used the word 'Original' because it wasn't taken. 'As seen on TV' is used because we have done commercials."

Gold, silver and antique sellers might be advised to get a second or third appraisal before selling their valuables to an unknown company.

Update: As of April 2013, Jessica Hoylman and Phillip W. Hoylman are defendants in a four-year old foreclosure suit against them brought by BAC Home Loans Servicing LLC. Phillip Hoylman, was reportedly a car salesman. Jessica Hoylman filed papers for a new company, East Coast Refining in April, 2012, working again out of her under foreclosure home in Boca Raton.


  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Good advice!

  2. Anonymous10:03 AM

    I went to the show and they beat the two jewlers I had been to I was surprised how nice the people were so I asked the buyer about why the had only been in business three months and found out the company has been around for three years started in Charlotte nc and relocated when the owner moved so maybe you should do a little research before hurting people's reputation . why did a traveling company offer more than the locals is my question ?

  3. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I live in Ft Myers and went to this show and sold gold coins and was very happy with the price they gave me. My sister also went and sold them jewelry. The owner was working the sale and was a very nice lady. You need to put an alert on local jewelers. I will go to the Road Show when they come back in town.

    Carol S.

  4. Anonymous10:43 AM

    I hate when people report wrong. I work for Original Roadshow Jessica Hoylman owns Vin Tracker buisness does just fine,Sale Promotion USA was a seasonal buisness that did very well, The Original Roadshow does 5 events nationwide every week puts people to work and puts cash into the local area that is then spent in local shops. We bought in Clewiston FL 750 customers not one complaint,This is a small family company that backs up what it says. WOW everybody gets a prize is that wrong? A mother of two trying to build a buisness i thought that was the american dream a pawn shop pays on average .40 on the dollar jewlers have a 300% mark up but i guess if your neighbor takes you to the cleaners that ok . just FYI Jessia lives in Florida pays Tax's in Florida so what gives you the right to hurt her buisness. the only reason i learned of your blog was happy customers told us of this unfair attack that lacked accurate information .QUESTION have you wrote ablout local jewlers? By the way pawn stars does not travel the nation they do NO events...

  5. The Pawn Stars Road Show dates of their city tours is at

  6. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Article says small modest home. I guess if she had a mansion it would be ok. No you attack a middle class family you're a class act way to go big companies rip people off and you bash the little guy. No reading your duff ever again

  7. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I live in Hopewell VA, We received a flyer by mail so I decided to go down. When we arrived we waited just a few minutes before a gentleman could see us. We took in some of my wife’s old jewelry. We had already been by a couple of pawn shops and one jewelry stores so I felt confident about knowing the value of what I had. Scott explained all the karats and what % of gold was in each one, very helpful. He tested and weighted each karat separately. When he was done he offered us $950. I was surprised, one of the pawn shops offered us $600 and the jewelry store $780. Needless to say we sold our gold that day and went Christmas shopping. It was a good experience and we got a gift card for walmart. Thanks Gold Coast

  8. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Watching this blog. Love pawn stars I looked they're doing a tour not buying gold events just thought I would clear that up roadshows have been around long before this show. I don't have gold to sell but if I did I go this this event these people went to. Have you seen how much money pawn stars makes off people so what's the difference did people say don't read your blog it's only three months old hope people her in town got some money for Christmas from these guys I wish I did .Some of us wish we had something to sell. Word of advice don't kick the small business owner there the back bone of America God bless

  9. Anonymous12:27 PM

    This is for KQ4YM. Now I understand has a paid add for another gold buying company, it all makes since now. Heck maybe kq4ym owns the company and that's why your speaking bad about Gold Coast. I don't know. Personally don't know much about the other gold company so I want be badmouthing them. What I do know is you should never mail your gold off to a stranger and take whatever they give you but I'm old fashion, I prefer doing business face to face whenever possible. Maybe kg4ym should try politics. I believe you would fit right in. By the way three years or three months it sounds like the Hoylman's have created jobs and opportunity, guess that's a bad thing kq4ym

  10. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Not sure if they are new or not but I sold them antiques that other people didn't even make offer on plus a ton of old gold rings the buyer Ricky took hours with me and told me what all my stuff was worth piece by piece no regrets here if anyone is going tell Ricky Stacy Gibbs said thanks nice people.

  11. Anonymous4:59 PM

    they did pay more than the local guy after all you guys weren't bull crapping

  12. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Just talked to the owner over there what a nice family had her kids with her she was talking about how a local blog said seller be ware and after selling my silver I couldn't help coming on here to say you need a hobby .There were 15 people in the room and I didn't see one leave mad she thanked them all for their business I guess we have forgot in this town how to make people feel welcome then she told me they stay at our hotel eat at our restraunts and put $$$ into ours friends and families pocket and one guy writes about me and can't even get his facts strait . I hope we treat people how we want to be treated

  13. Jessica Hoylman9:40 PM

    Jessica Hoylman here. I would like to say thanks to my satisfied customers & employees for backing me up. Yes, anyone can search for my company & see that it has been in Florida since September, then Google the address to see that I live in a "modest middle class home." My advertisement does state that you must sell something to the company to win a prize. So my customers walk away with cash in their pocket AND a prize, what's the problem? I used the word "Original" because it wasn't taken. "As seen on TV" is used because we have done commercials, also perfectly legal. I started this company to HELP people in towns hardest hit by the downward spiral of the economy. I will obtain the proper licenses & permits to towns I would like to go to, then I give people who are in need of money more than what pawn shops & jewelry stores are offering. Which means I don't make as much as pawn shop owners or jewelry stores, thus the "modest middle class home." There is nothing illegal or immoral about coming to a town & putting money into that economy. I constantly hear stories from customers about where their gold came from, they have to sell it because they need the money for Christmas, someone in the family lost their job & they are having a hard time making ends meet. I give them more money than their own local jeweler so it will go a little farther. I donate both money & time to my church & other non-profit organizations that help the poor & orphans. My employees & I are here to show people that there ARE some good people still left in the world. So come by & see us, we'll be in LaBelle through Wednesday! The only thing gold sellers need to be alerted of is that pawn shops & jewelry stores will not pay them as much as I will!

  14. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Way to go Jessica. People like this guy is what make me hate reporters and media no facts and always a self serving motive . I sold your company a set of rare coins and got 450.00 more than the locals offered plus after reading people's comments this guy has been made a joke of on his own blog . I hope you come back again if I find something to sell , you will be the first place I go. To every one in our town lets treat people fair it only makes us look bad if we don't

  15. Anonymous12:14 AM

    This company is a complete scam they tried to tell me my coins were worth $40.00 apiece, I left and sold them to a coin buyer in town for
    $4000.00 apiece BEWARE

    1. I am in the precious metals industry - gold/silver coins etc. Very few coins bring this type of money. I don't know these people but I doubt this is true.

  16. Anonymous12:21 AM

    As an ex imployee I know any and all positve feedback above comes from there workers.
    I know as an insider they are rip offs

  17. Wednesday I spoke to another prospective seller saying he tried to sell some antique pre-civil war papers, but the gold, silver, antique buyer said they weren't interested. The seller said it looked liked the company was only buying jewelry, saying the outfit was a "joke."

  18. Anonymous12:00 PM

    I work for Jessica Hoylman the person claiming they work for the company is false due to the fact all 10 original employees still work for the company so maybe before you claim to work for a company you should do your homework and make sure you lie can't be so easily proven wrong. Fact in labell we purchased from 512 people not everybody will sell but when over 90% do your claims of scam go out the window.

  19. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Last year I went to port saint lucie to another company called treasurehuntersroadshow they tried to buy my coins cheap and then the check they wrote was bad. I went to this one and at least they paid cash for the stuff I had. much happier this time. Donna

  20. Anonymous3:05 PM

    This caught my eye. Every company needs to make money I looked at pawn stars after reading your article and they are touring and they haven't started yet so I guess they would be less original than these guys. Do you think the original pancake house was the first pancake house no. Every buisness says they pay more or sale for less that's advertising. I didn't go don't have gold or antiques to sell but I know car dealers put so much in the fine print to trick you it's not funny and they charge three times as much in service and there part of the community so why single out one company I did see a gold gun buyer advertising on your site funny you haven't investigated there buying habits that's a little one way. Just my thoughts Lani Stanton clewiston fl

  21. Anonymous6:48 PM

    I'm a coin collector got their flyer had to go see what they would put on some coins they were within 10% of what I thought I'd get for them didn't want to sell them I don't need the money but the guy saying they offered him 40.00 is full of bs the buyer showed me some they bought people that collect like myself know the value and the coins he had don't come cheap what I thought was funny was the copy of this article they had to show how people could be so harsh and know so little I've been with Walmart for 5 years they go to china to save a penny that's who people should complaining about just not to much I need my job. Ha ha

  22. Anonymous7:36 PM

    One of the above post was mine I owned a small buisness for 40 years and felt it important to say I got good $$$ for my valuables I live here I shop here for last 13 years. So I'm one local just one voice hope that counts for something Joseph Lundy Clewiston FL