Thursday, December 15, 2011

IRS Filing Tax Liens In Hendry County

Internal Revenue Liens - Past Due Tax Notices Filed At Courthouse

LABELLE, FL. -- The Internal Revenue Service continues going after individuals and businesses in Hendry county, filing liens at the LaBelle courthouse, giving public notice that taxes have been assessed, and in some cases payments demanded, but are still unpaid .

Some prominent Hendry businesses and individuals can be found among the filings. Liens filed by the government amount to a 1st lien against the individual or business, ahead of any other liens. Most are filed against small business owners for income tax, and businesses for failing to pay business and employment taxes.

Among the 2010 assessments in Hendry county, the IRS says is past due and owing, a lien for $15,227 against Azteca Montura in Clewiston, located on CR833.

Darren N. Smith, a Clewiston rental real estate owner has a 2010 lien for $306,594 due for income taxes not paid in 2003.

Azteca Mexican Food, Inc. on Cowboy Way in LaBelle was assessed $31,299 for unpaid taxes.

RKO Industries, Inc. in LaBelle owed 2009 taxes in the amount of $18,617. The long closed Rodeo Grill LLC in LaBelle owes $22,579.

Among the IRS liens filed in 2011, Donna M. Maddox of LaBelle owed $36,015 in back taxes from 2006 to 2009. Charles C. Pelham Jr., of Clewiston had two liens filed, one for $90,474 and another for $83,406.

RKO Industries, Inc. of LaBelle had another lien filed against them in 2011 for $63,804.

The Howell Ranch LLC, and the estate of Paul C. Roberts have an Estate tax lien for $423,000 and  $535,516 on a second parcel of land owned by the estate.

Charles C Pelham Jr. and Karen P. Pelham had another lien filed in 2011 for $15,076 for past due taxes for 2007-2009. Harold R. and Alicia L. Keen of Clewiston owed $42,314 for back income taxes.

Dixie Fried Chicken, owned by Laverne & Anita , Inc. owes taxes for 2010 in the amount of $6,828. Hendry Glades Sunday News, Inc. owes $26,352 in back taxes from 2005 to 2009.

WAFH of Clewiston, Inc. owner of Kentucy Fried Chicken owed $14,274 for taxes not paid in 2011.

LaBelle Petroleum, Inc. had a lien filed 11/21/11 for an unreported amount, and Dixie Fried Chicken in Clewiston had another lien filed 12/6/11 for an unreported amount.

In 2010 the IRS recorded 68 liens against Hendry tax payers. In 2011 the number of liens filed by the IRS increased slightly, as of December 15th, to 78.

Update: Karen Howell responds about the IRS lien for the Howell Ranch: "... the $423,000.00 was elected under section 2032A and in fact is money that I do not owe, but money that is saved by keeping my land under the same agriculture use as used in the estate. I am not, and have never been past due in paying the IRS or anyone else money."

According to the IRS lien titled "Notice of Federal Estate Tax Lien"  filed at  the tax, including any costs, interest and penalties is deferred. The lien at: , is a Notice of Federal Estate Tax Lien and is a "lien for the special valuation  elected under section 2032A..." We apologize for any misunderstanding of the Federal Estate Tax Liens filed against the two Howell land parcels.


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