Friday, April 27, 2012

Clewiston Police Activity This Week

Runner Tazed After Flight Attempt - 64 Camera Citations
CLEWISTON, FL. -- Clewiston Police Chief Don Gutshall reports this week "One of our newest officers, Jackie Garrett, got a full introduction to Clewiston policing Saturday night. Upon a traffic stop, the driver climbed over his passenger and jumped from the passenger window. 

"The suspect then fled headlong down the street until Jackie caught up to him near the middle school. After a brief standoff and a second attempt to run, a quick dose of electricity was administered and all resistance quickly ended. A DUI arrest was made."

A couple of recent shoplifting episodes at a local retail store have turned out to be part of a statewide shoplifting ring. The cases have been turned over to FDLE for further investigation and prosecution.

Next Tuesday, (May 1st) Hendry Sheriff Steve Whidden and Clewiston Chief Don Gutshall will be joining other law enforcement veterans for the annual May Day law enforcement appreciation show on the local radio station. Tall tales and old memories will be the focus for discussion.

This week’s Clewiston Police activity:

1079 Commercial / Residential Security Checks
553 Complaints Investigated
11 Criminal Arrests Made
31 Traffic Citations issued
64 Red Light Camera Citations issued
1 City Ordinance Violation
88 Merchant Escorts Provided
23 Alarms Responded To
2 Traffic Accidents Investigated

-from City of Clewiston

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    Okay I cant wait for the "TALL TALES" show! Boy do I have a few for the public with Mr Whidden......