Monday, April 16, 2012

Hendry Candidate List Grows - Kulpa Announces

Lots Of Sheriff Candidates Line Up

LABELLE, FL. -- Candidates for Hendry County's local political office positions are lining up for the coming November elections, including former Hendry Tax Appraiser Kristina Kulpa.

Kulpa lost the last election twice to Phillip Pelletier, once in the general election, and once again in Hendry Circuit Court where she tried to convince the Judge she should have won, but but some irregularities at the voting booth, she claimed  unsuccessfully .

As usual, the Sheriff and School Board Superintendent offices seem to have the most interest for candidates. Six candidates have qualified to run for Sheriff including incumbent Steve Whidden. Three candidates are running for school superintendent, including incumbent Rick Murphy and four for Election Supervisor as Lucretia Strickland retires after many years in the position.

No one is up yet to challenge long time County Judge James Sloan. And lots of "low-money" positions are still open at water and hospital districts and the Port LaBelle Development District among others.

The following Offices will be up for election and as of April 12 have qualified with the Hendry County, Florida Supervisor of Elections. (No name next to the office means no one has qualified yet.)

Included are phone numbers and email addresses as listed by each candidate with the elections office. (In the past we have noted the majority, if not all candidates, don't seem to respond to emails or return phone calls. Voters might wish to test each candidate's willingness to respond to voter's inquiries.)

Clerk of Circuit Court
*(Dem) Barbara Cox Butler, P O Box 44, Clewiston, FL  33440
Phone: 863-673-0209  email:
(Rep) Larry Wilcoxson, 100 South Hall Street, Ste. A, LaBelle, FL  33935
Phone: 863-812-0962  email:

(Rep) E. Carmona, 1079 Luckey St., LaBelle, FL 33935 phone: 863-673-6029 email:
(Rep) Mark R. Chamberlain, P O Box 1180, Clewiston, FL 33440 phone: 863-983-7844 email:
(Rep) Raymond A. Van Houten, 590 Brittany Lane, LaBelle, FL 33935 email: phone: 863-944-3996
(Dem) Matthew A. Beatty, 410 E. Osceola Ave., Clewiston, FL 33440 email: phone 863-983-5959
(Dem) Steven Maldonado, P O Box 273, LaBelle, FL 33975 phone:863-673-1971
*(Dem) Steve Whidden, 2100 Scott Rd., LaBelle, FL 33935 phone:863-612-0678

Property Appraiser
*(Dem) Phillip L. Pelletier, 1601 Fort Denaud Rd., LaBelle, FL 33935 email: phone: 863-673-3280
(Rep) Kristina A. Kulpa, 1000 G. Road, LaBelle, FL  33935
Phone: 863-675-3302  e-mail:

Tax Collector
*(Dem) Peggy S. Hampton ,P.O. Box 1019, LaBelle, FL  33975
Phone: 239-250-4032  email:
(Rep) Tom Corbitt, 199 Caloosa Estates Dr., LaBelle, FL 33935 Phone: 863-612-0868

Superintendent of Schools
(Rep) Paul Puletti, 110 Hardee St., LaBelle, FL 33935 phone: 863-675-5921
(Rep) Joel Williamson, 140 Evans Rd., LaBelle, FL 33935 phone: 863-675-4098 email:
*(Dem) Richard A. Rick Murphy, 1832 Red Rd., Clewiston, FL 33440 phone: 561-248-8100 email:

Supervisor of Elections
(Rep) Kevin Drummond, 4717 Sandlewood Ln., LaBelle, FL 33935
Phone: 863-234-3480 email:
(Dem) Kim Harris-White, P O Box 661, Felda, FL 33930-0661 phone:863-257-0070 email:
(Dem) Brenda Hoots, 580 N. Hacienda St., Clewiston, FL 33440 Phone: 863-885-1756 email:
(NPA) Rose Raulerson-Mason, 469 Maple Dr., LaBelle, FL 33935
Phone: 863-234-6401 email:

County Judge (Non-partisan)
James D. Sloan, P O Box 1695, LaBelle, FL 33975

County Commission District #1
*(Dem) Janet B. Taylor, P O Box 764, Clewiston, FL  33440
Phone: 863-228-0612  email:
County Commission District #3
(Rep) Tristan G. Chapman, 405 Live Oak Ln., LaBelle, FL 33935
(Dem) Don Davis, 93 S. Hall St., LaBelle, FL  33935, Phone:  863-234-1581
County Commission District #5

*(Dem)  Karson C. Turner, P.O. Box 1688, Clewiston, FL  33440
Phone: 863-983-4101. email:

School Board District #1 (Non-partisan)
*Dwayne E. Brown P O Box 684, Clewiston, FL  33440

School Board District #2
Hendry Hospital Authority District #1
Hendry Hospital Authority District #3
Hendry Hospital Authority District #5
Hendry Soil and Water Conservation District Seat #2
Hendry Soil and Water Conservation District Seat #
Port LaBelle Community Development District Seat #2
Port LaBelle Community Development District Seat #4
East County Water Control District Seat #1

East County Water Control District Seat #3
Joseph L. Whalen, 1402 4th St. E, Lehigh Acres, FL 33936 phone: 239-633-9423

East County Water Control District Seat #5
Edward T. Weiner, 20048 Lake Vista Cir., Lehigh Acres, FL 33936 phone: 954-648-5458

Central County Water Control District Seat #2
Miguel A. Solar, 303 Camino Real Blvd, Clewiston, FL 33440 Phone: 954-471-6888
*Jessie Necolettos, Jr., 680 S. Arboleda Street, Clewiston, FL  33440 Phone: 983-6864

Central County Water Control District Seat #4
Billy Haithcock, 545 N. Isora St., Clewiston, FL  863-233-2437
*Charles Bamburg 830 N. Utopia St, Clewiston, FL  33440

City of Clewiston, 3 Seats

* Incumbent

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