Thursday, April 26, 2012

LaBelle's Bryan Boyle Back In Jail

Multiple Offender Boyle's Second Arrest For 2012

LABELLE, FL. -- Bryan Boyle was booked back into the Hendry County jail Wednesday afternoon and released on bail the same day. This is Boyle's 2nd trip to jail this year. Boyle was arrested and booked into jail seven times in 2011.

35-year old Boyle, living with his mother at 4502 Springview Circle at a home owned by his recently deceased grandmother, has been in and out of jail multiple dozens of times over the last 19 years.

His last arrest on February 16 was for contempt of court. This week's arrest was for allegedly failing to complete requirements set by the probation office, another contempt of court charge.

County Judge James Sloan set bail at $903 and Boyle was released the same day arrested.

Boyle was let out of jail in February after spending six weeks in jail, to take care of his grandmother. Under house arrest, he violated the conditions set by the Court by riding an ATV around the streets of Port LaBelle, and was re-arrested. His grandmother died April 12.

Boyle's most serious recent arrest was in December, charged with felony possession of meth and drug paraphernalia.

Update: On May 10th the LaBelle State Attorneys Office file a notice with the court that they are not going to go forward with the prosecution of Boyle on the two felony drug charges.

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  1. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Are you kidding me arrested again. Is this Judge Sloan's kid . It sure seems like it . Anybody else he would put away with jail time. What is going on in Sloans court. He is making it look like he is doing favors. Do not vote for Sloan because he is not a fair judge . Get him out .

  2. Anonymous11:26 PM

    No this kid gets the "treatment" because his old man is/was a commissioner