Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Obama Visits Florida - Promotes Tax Plan

President Barack Obama visited Boca Raton, Florida Tuesday promoting his tax revision plan.

Speaking at Florida Atlantic University, Obama told the students, "Now, we've gone through the three toughest years in our lifetimes, economically -- worst financial crisis, worst economic crisis. Our economy is now recovering but it's not yet where it needs to be. Too many of your friends and too many of your neighbors are still hurting out there. They're still looking for work. Too many of your families are still searching for that sense of security that started slipping away long before this recession hit."

He then criticized "trickle down" economic theories warning they haven't worked in the past. He said the proposed tax cuts for the wealthy would end in job cuts and lower investments "in education and medical research and clean energy, in health care."

Obama asked the enthusiastic audience "Do we give another $50,000 in tax breaks to every millionaire and billionaire in the country?" to which they responded "No!"

"Or should we make investments in education and research and health care and our veterans?" to which this question received applause.

The President ended his speech saying, "You have faith in America. You know it’s not going to be easy, but you don't give up. That's the spirit we need right now, because here in America we don’t give up. (Applause.) Here in America, we look out for one another. Here in America, we help each other get ahead. Here in America, we have a sense of common purpose. Here in America, we can meet any challenge. Here in America, we can seize any moment. We can make this century another great American century.

Text of speech:

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