Monday, October 01, 2012

Clewiston's Report From The Police Chief

Red Light Violations Continue Steady In Clewiston
CLEWISTON, FL. -- Clewiston Police Chief Don Gutshall reports the department received notification that a Firearms Training Grant was approved. The Chief says, "The zero match $23,000 grant will enable us to install an indoor video based “shoot/don’t shoot” variable scenario system. While providing more real life critical scenarios, it will allow for more authentic training and enable us to spend less money on real bullets, targets, travel and time for the range."

The department is adding two more Auxiliary Officers to staff to shore up the number of volunteer police officers available. Gutshall says this is an imperative action in order to maintain the same level of service in the upcoming year that the community is accustomed to.

He says, the mix of younger more active officers is working well with the K-9 Teams and more seasoned officers. Since training has been completed on the new teams, drug arrests have risen drastically over the last six weeks and he expects the trend to continue for a couple of months before a gradual decline begins.

A synopsis of the weekly Clewiston police activity:

1088 Commercial / Residential Security Checks
519 Complaints Investigated
34 Traffic Citations Issued
57 Red Light Camera Violations
16 Criminal Arrests Made
3 City Ordinance Violations Issued
74 Merchant Escorts Provided
13 Alarms Responded To
2 Traffic Accidents Investigated

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