Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Seven Hendry County Jobs Eliminated

LABELLE, FL. -- Mark Lapp, Hendry County's Attorney and Interim County Administrator announced today the elimination of seven Hendry county jobs. Two of the positions were dismissals.

A vacant county code enforcement position  and another employee in the department laid off and the position was eliminated. The assistant mail/custodian position was eliminated and the employee laid off.

Randall Bengton is retiring as Public Safety Director and has been laid off and the position eliminated. Two paramedic positions were eliminated and one current employee demoted to a vacant position.

Lapp's memo to all county employees (click for larger size):


  1. Anonymous8:50 PM

    ok folks
    I'm a county employee. what you should take away from that memo is this.
    Our commissioners all of them, took a pay raise last year while laying off employee's and cutting the budget.
    They will tell you it was the state that set the rate due to population.
    the same was true in Lee county, but their commissioners were real, and refused to accept a pay raise while eliminating jobs and cutting pay.
    Your commissioners, cashed the check.
    NOT ONE said, hey, maybe we should consider the little guys working for us.

    Most of us make less than a commissioners part time pay.
    they get around 33,000.00 a year
    they meet twice a month
    get retirement
    sick time
    vacation time
    travel expenses

    most of them work "full time" jobs
    4 of them
    work for US SUGAR in one form or another

    consider this in November
    Just like they did Judy,Lester and the guy between Judy and Lester Wayne Oneal I may have his last name spelled wrong.
    End result
    Commissioner gets top money
    workers get screwed
    no raises 6 years now
    cut benefits
    treated like slaves
    told if you don't like it, quit we don't care

    Welcome to Hendry County

  2. Anonymous1:31 PM

    So who was let go??? What job will not be filled??? who was dismissed?