Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hendry Education Center Closing Doors

Education Center Of Southwest Florida Selling Off Assets After Losing Money

LABELLE, FL. -- According to Norman L. "Sonny" Hughes the 11-year old this month Education Center of Southwest Florida, Inc. is selling off it's home office and equipment located at 4930 South State Road 29, a few miles south of LaBelle on a parcel of Bob Paul, Inc. orange groves.

Hughes, the CEO of the non-profit said "The Education Center board decided this month to stop all operations due to lack of funding and activity. It was felt we could not come back to the community asking for financial support unless we could generate funding and activity that warrants that support."

In 2008 the Center filed with the IRS showing $428,563 income and $391,663 in expenses. But by 2011 and having lost money for several years they had 2 employees, and 16 volunteers and $15,144 in income and $22,886 in expenses.  $49.898 was their listed net assets. $6,860 was paid out in salaries.

Other directors shown on the 2011 tax return were Joe Flint, Wayne Aldrich, James Paul, Carson Turner, Sally Berg, Michael Jordan, and Courtney Curatalo, all reporting about 1 hour a week working for the Center.

Over the years, the center with the help of government grants has offered classes in the construction trades and computers. It has run fund raising events in the LaBelle area for many years.

Hughes said, "I, as the director, am busy trying to close everything out." On November 3rd they will have a yard sale to sell everything left including a trailer, sheds, office supplies and furniture, tools, computers, printers, a copying machine and more.

Current directors of the corporation according to the Florida Secretary of State's office are Geri Yoraschek, Anthony S. Royal, Janice Groves, and Julie Wilkins, all of LaBelle, and Joe Paterno of Naples.

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