Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Vote Kevin Drummond - Supervisor Of Elections

Hendry County Residents Deserve Better!

My name is Kevin Drummond and I have the privilege of running to be your next Supervisor of Elections in this great county. I describe this county as great because I am a product of Hendry County. I am the only candidate for Supervisor of Elections born and raised here. I am also involved in civic organizations in both Clewiston and LaBelle.

My other accomplishments include becoming an Eagle Scout and earning a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Florida Gulf Coast University. I started my career in law enforcement, where I gained a better understanding of our political system. I previously worked for Capitol Police, under Jeb Bush. I served the Florida Department of Transportation and the Florida Highway Patrol until I made the full time commitment to run for Supervisor of Elections. I am ready to share my knowledge and experience to improve our community.

When you compare candidates, I ask you to look for a leader who can excel in all circumstances and one who can turn our Elections Office around. I’d like to provide the Hendry County’s Elections Office with an updated Website in order to better communicate with members of the community. As Supervisor of Elections, I would also like to personally connect with community residents.

The Elections Office leadership needs to be more actively involved with our community. Two of my main goals would be voter education and voter participation. Every voice must be heard. Therefore, it becomes each citizen’s responsibility to exercise his democratic right to vote. EACH AND EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

In conclusion, we, the candidates, are applying for a job to represent you, the residents of Hendry County. Which candidate has a track record showing initiative and leadership? Which candidate is best qualified for the position of Supervisor of Elections? The answer is Kevin Drummond and I hope that I can count on your vote for November 6, 2012. Be sure to visit my website: www.Electdrummond.com to view your election information and request your absentee ballot.

Thank you and God Bless!

Kevin Drummond
(863) 234-3480

Paid and approved by Kevin Drummond, Republican candidate for Supervisor of Elections

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