Monday, October 29, 2012

Scary Tobacco Products At Your Store

Flavored Cigars, Pellets, Sticks And Strips Now Common To Lure Kids

LABELLE, FL. -- With cigarette smoking rates on the decline in the U.S., the tobacco industry insures its livelihood by creating products that attract a new generation of lifelong nicotine addicts, says anti-smoking group Tobacco Free Florida.

Tobacco products in flavors like kiwi-strawberry, chocolate and sour apple are increasingly available in communities throughout the U.S. and increasingly popular among youth. 

Types of flavored tobacco products include:

· Cigars, cigarillos and little cigars, which are being used at an increasing rate nationwide
· Smokeless tobacco like chew, dip and snus that have serious health risks and can contain more nicotine that cigarettes
· New smokeless tobacco products like orbs (dissolvable tobacco pellets), toothpick-like sticks, and dissolvable strips that resemble candy and mints in more than just flavor

Nearly nine out of 10 smokers start by age 18. Prevention is key in combating the tobacco epidemic say experts. They say parents should know about the dangers of these products so that they can educate their kids adding teens whose parents strongly disapprove of tobacco are less likely to take up tobacco.

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