Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hulk Hogan Sues Radio DJ And Wife

Publicity Stunt Over Sex Tape Or Real?

Former wrestler and TV reality show star Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea has filed suit against Tampa shock jock Todd Alan Clem, also known as Bubba "The Love Sponge" Clem and Clem's former wife Heather for the release of a sex tape showing Hogan having sex with Heather Clem.

A Federal suit against internet celebrity news site gawker.com was also filed Monday. Gawker has the tape and published a story and edited portion of the video earlier this month.

A half-dozen year old explicit video showing Hogan having sex with Heather Clem at Bubba Clem's Tampa home was released in April of this year. Gawker.com published a one-minute edited segment of the 30-minute video on October 4th.

Update: On Wednesday, Clem and Howard Stern did a simulcast show on their respective morning radio programs. Clem told Stern that a video taping system had been installed in his Tampa home since about 2002 as a result of a child custody case he was in a the time.

Clem told Stern Wednesday that cameras were in all the rooms except the bathrooms and guest bedrooms. But, he said he wasn't familiar with the technical aspects and did not know how any video stored on the hard drive system were obtained by anyone. He said he never saw the video in question and said he never discussed with his former wife anything about Hogan's sex episode with Heather Clem. He said he has not spoken to Heather but did say he has texted Hogan recently to try to get Hogan to dismiss the law suit.

Clem repeatedly told Stern he never saw the video.  The tape reportedly had Clem indicating he could make a lot of money from the video. Clem repeatedly told Stern he was "validated" because if he had anything to do with releasing the video, he would have edited that out.

Hogan, now 59 years old is seen performing various sex acts with Bubba Clem's then wife, Heather about six years ago. At the time of the video, Hogan was going through marriage difficulties with his wife at the time, Linda.

Hogan claims that Clem approved of the get together. Clem also confirms that it was consensual among the three participants. Clem says he regrets it now and indicated he was going through some emotional problems at the time.

46-year old Clem, on his syndicated radio show Tuesday morning, claims Hogan had been asking Clem about having sex with Clem's wife prior to the incident and alleges Hogan "solicited sex."

Clem is not indicating how the tape was released but says all parties knew what was going on, and the sex event was consensual. He did deny that he or his former wife released the tape.

Hogan and Clem were best friends, according to Clem. Hogan was the "best man" at Clem's wedding. Clem says Hogan even used Clem's pre-nuptial agreement when marrying his current wife. Clem said he begged Hogan last week not to file a lawsuit, but to work together to find out who released it.

Hogan claims he was video taped secretly and has filed a civil suit against Clem and Clem's former wife for releasing the tape and a Federal suit against Gawker.com. Allegedly, a criminal complaint has also been filed seeking to find out who released the tape and to establish whether it was secretly taped.

Bubba Clem's morning show is heard on WRXK 96 Rock in Fort Myers.

Explicit one-minute video and story on Gawker.com. Warning: Video and story contains language and visual content offensive to some.

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