Monday, January 21, 2013

Al Roker Gets President And Vice-President's Attention At Parade

"Is The Weather Good?" Roker Asks President

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama strode down Pennsylvania Avenue this afternoon to the delight and screams of crowds lining the street during the Presidential Inaugural Parade.

NBC weatherman Al Roker managed to get the President's attention (photo above) asking the President "How's it going! Is the weather good?" to which the President gave a thumbs up and saying hello to the well-known broadcaster.

A few minutes later Roker, kidding his NBC colleagues bet he could also get Vice-President Joe Biden to respond, as Biden walked the parade route with his wife Dr. Jill Biden. Biden did respond to Roker's shout out, coming over to Roker smiling, and shaking Roker's hand, probably to the dismay of Secret Service personnel assigned to protect Biden.

The parade with military bands, and Presidential escorts moved down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington this afternoon, traveling from the Capitol to the White House.

The First Family is now back at the White House and the Inaugural Reviewing Stand to watch the balance of the parade, and will attend two Inaugural Balls this evening.

Al Roker Gets Vice-President To Shake His Hand!

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Photo:  Video: NBC News

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  1. That was so funny. I saw it. Then when he for the VP to walk over to him. Al is the bomb!!