Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Florida's New Laws - Dying Animals Pink And State Boat

From Drug Testing To Light Flashing - New Laws In Florida

LABELLE, FL. -- Florida legislators this year were buy as usual modifying existing, and adding new laws to an already word heavy set of Florida Statutes.

Driven to change primarily by lobbyists hired by corporations, government agencies and other special interest groups, the Florida Senate and House this year have considered and added law changes ranging from allowing animal owners to dye animals any color they want to designating a 130-foot sailing vessel as the state boat.

Drivers in Florida can now flash their lights to warn of police ahead without fear of getting a ticket, while possession of bath salts and other synthetic drugs charges has moved to a first degree misdemeanor charge.

State agencies earlier this year were granted the ability to randomly drug test employees every three months, and test welfare recipients for drug use, but that issue has been in the courts.

In personal privacy issues, video recording anyone who has a "reasonable expectation of privacy" is now a first degree misdemeanor.

Low income homeowners can get additional property tax exemptions if their local county or city approves the additional exemption by ordinance. Surviving spouses of veterans dying in service can now get a special additional homestead property tax exemption.

State parks will be able to sell advertising to commercial concerns allowing trail markers with the ads at any state park.

Woman in prison can no longer be handcuffed during delivery of their babies.

The ship Western Union, an historic tall sailing vessel is now the official Florida boat.

Detailed List Of All 2012 Law Changes In Florida

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