Friday, January 04, 2013

Have Your Medical Records Been Stolen? Find Them Here

Hospitals, Doctors And Other Providers Lost Records To Hackers

More than 21 million medical records have been stolen from 500 U.S. medical providers over recent years. The U.S. Health And Human Services has provided a website for patients can check to see if their records may have been affected by hackers and thieves.

Many medical records were lost when laptops or computers went missing, or were deliberately hacked or stolen by others. Every state has been affected, with individual medical records numbers in the millions for each.

All providers where 500 or more records were lost can be found at the website which can be filtered by state or provider and disclose how many records were lost and how they were lost. In the database, click on the individual facility to see how the issue may have been resolved and other detail about the incident.

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