Saturday, January 05, 2013

Clewiston Illegal Signs Gone, Water Park Closed

Lots Of Activity In Clewiston Over Holiday Week
CLEWISTON, FL. -- Clewiston's Code Enforcement officer has removed more than sixty illegal signs, mostly about tax preparers and purchasing junk cars. According to city code, a sign located in any right-of-way is a code violation and will be removed by city staff.

The city's golf course putting green was vandalized a week ago on Saturday evening by someone using what appears to be a pickup truck. The green was top-dressed with a layer of sand to help smooth out the healing process but will take several weeks, due to the cooler weather and shorter daylight, for the green to heal.

The city's “Water Spray Park” has been temporarily closed beginning Wednesday Jan. 2nd until further notice, to address maintenance and safety issues. A representative from the company that originally installed the park is scheduled to be here this week to help assess the issues and develop corrective action plans.

Ava Barrett will be joining the Clewiston City staff as Library Director on Monday, January 7. Ava brings many years of experience to the library. Please stop by the library and welcome Ava when you get a chance.

The city says they need help with mosquitos and to please call 983-1471 to report a mosquito problem. Please give your name, address and phone number when you leave a message. This will provide necessary information used to schedule control activities.

Clewiston Police Chief Gutshall reports officers responding to a complaint of a suspicious vehicle at a local restaurant found two suspects in illegal possession of drugs and firearms. Both were arrested and the vehicle was confiscated.

A routine traffic stop turned into an arrest for the driver due to a felony possession of drugs. A vehicle was also confiscated.

The New Year’s Holiday was fairly uneventful with the exception of a number of traffic arrests including three for DUI on New Year’s Eve.

Gutshall says the Road Patrol is prepared for the increased duties for the Fishing Tournament this week.

A brief synopsis of the week’s activity:

1007 Commercial / Residential Security Checks
577 Complaints Investigated
45 Red Light Camera Violations
74 Traffic Citations Issued
29 Arrests Made
82 Merchant Escorts
14 Alarms Responded To

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