Thursday, August 02, 2012

Baez Says Casey Anthony Needed Mental Help

Jose Baez - New Book 'Presumed Guilty' Criticizes Cops And Judge

LABELLE, FL. -- Making the rounds promoting his new book, Jose Baez, Casey Anthony's defense attorney, writes critically of the events leading to Anthony's arrest for the murder of her 2-year old daughter Caylee, the judge's erroneous decisions, and of police efforts to leak purported "evidence" to the press, and George Anthony's attempts to make end runs around attorney-client privilege.

The first chapter of Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony, the Inside Story recites what is known already by trial followers about Anthony's lying to police, attorney's, and her parent's, about the whereabouts of daughter Caylee. Baez says, while making some basic investigative errors, the police should have realized Anthony had serious mental health problems and Baez says she was "living in an intricate fantasy world."

The police should have brought in a health professional, a psychiatrist, to see what was going on before arresting her for murder, he said.  Baez still wonders if bringing in a psychiatrist at the beginning "might have affected the outcome of this case."

Everyone knew she was lying "through her teeth" about most everything, but didn't know why, Baez says.

Baez, in Miami this week to promote his best selling book, says he's opening a law office in the Coral Gables area, a trendy suburb of Miami.

If law enforcement had realized Anthony's serious mental issues up front, the whole case might have went a different direction, Baez speculates. Asked why the case became a nationwide sensation, Baez attributed it to being about a white, pretty female.

Later in the book, Baez accused Judge Strickland of bias, when setting her original bond at $500,000 for what he thought should be $1,500 for lying to police when she was charged with two misdemeanors and a third degree felony originally. Baez says this was the first time in Florida such a high bond had been set for the charges made.

The judge accused Casey Anthony of being a liar although she had not testified at the bond hearing, says Baez. And the press went with that story.

Baez, candidly tells about his days before defending Anthony, his marriage, delays in being admitted to the Florida Bar, and his legal training in Miami at the Dade County Public Defender's Office. Baez seemingly leaves nothing out, telling how early on $200,000 was paid by the media for photos of Caylee and many other inside details of the trial, State of Florida v. Casey Marie Anthony where Anthony became the most hated person in America.

Casey Anthony is due to be soon released from supervised probation on a fraudulent check conviction from last year. Her release date is on August 23rd, 2012.

The book was co-written with Peter Golenbock.

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  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Shame on anyone who buys his book...

  2. Anonymous1:13 PM

    more lies....

  3. Anonymous1:14 PM

    you can try to fool all the people all the time but you can't fool all the people all the time

  4. Anonymous8:36 PM

    The book was fantastic. A good read for those not afraid of the truth.

  5. Why does he continue to act as if everyone is as stupid as the 12 people in the box? Really? Jose, people who murder LIE. A lot. Pretty sure police weren't interested in Casey's mental well-being, seeing how they were distracted with a missing child. You were as shocked as anyone at the acquittal. Please, stop while you're ahead Jose; YOU know she did it, WE know she did it. Enjoy your victory, but stop trying to further this fantastic fairy tale. It's mind-boggling that you think anyone believes a single word from you on this.

  6. Anonymous11:10 AM

    "...bring in a psychiatrist..."???? REALLY?!? And under what legal theory do the police have the authority to force a suspect to consent to a psychiatric examination?!? Trial watchers may recall that nearly every one of Baez's objections were over-ruled, which SHOULD HAVE BEEN a clue to the jury that Baez is as big a liar as his murdering client. Let's face it...the jury concluded that if Caylee's own family members didn't REALLY give a rat's behind if she was killed by her own mother, why should they? Caylee deserved better and, unfortunately, crazy Casey has been unleashed on society.

  7. Terri B8:39 PM

    One of the best books I've ever read!!
    I had Casey Anthony tried and convicted UNTIL....
    the opening statements. And after listening to her lying perverted "father" testify- it all made sense. I'm a 53 yr old incest survivor. I was molested by my grandfather for nearly 4 yrs. So from personal experience....Ms. Anthony's behavior is textbook. That's how we learn to cope. Unfortunately after that (unhealty) habit is learned- we deal with other painful experiences in the very same manner Your soul is FOREVER CHANGED :(

  8. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Apparently Casey doesn't share Mr. Baez' opinion of her sanity, as her latest probation entry shows that along with not working or going to school, she is not undergoing any kind of therapy. Of course, she also says she has no debt--what about the six figures she owes Florida law enforcement and the $70K she owes in taxes? She lies about absolutely everything else; why would anyone believe her ridiculous incest story? What a repulsive excuse for a human being.