Saturday, August 25, 2012

Governor Scott Pulls Plug On RNC Speech

Florida's Rick Scott Bails On Convention Speech
From a visit to Fort Lauderdale, Florida Governor Rick Scott has canceled his appearance for a speech and other activities at Tampa's Republican National Convention Sunday and Monday.

In a press release Saturday night Scott says:

“As Tropical Storm Isaac approaches Florida and the possibility of hurricane strength conditions becoming more likely for the Keys and Panhandle, I have made the decision to cancel my speech on Monday night at the Republican National Convention and will also cancel my other scheduled convention-related activities on Sunday and Monday, so that I can respond to storm-related matters.

“As Governor of this great state, I am responsible for all 19 million residents and visitors and it is my duty to make sure we can quickly respond to the regions affected. While Tampa Bay has gotten a lot of attention due to the upcoming convention, I will unilaterally focus on the safety of every resident and community throughout the state.

“I am continuing to lead multiple daily briefings with local, state and federal decision makers and RNC officials to share information so the best decisions can be made for each region. I also spoke to Governor Romney earlier today and briefed him on the storm and possible impact to the state. I have made Governor Romney and RNC officials aware of the resources our state can provide in the chance Tampa is affected. Like all decision-makers affected by this storm, the convention officials will make the best decisions for delegates and participants.

“As we know in Florida, storm forecasts can and do change. As a result, I encourage all residents and visitors to pay close attention to local emergency management officials to ensure all necessary precautions are taken. Residents and visitors from the Florida Keys to the Panhandle need to make sure they have food and water for 72 hours and to check for up-to-date information.

“Experts at the local, state and federal level prepare for storms like this every day. All visitors and residents can be assured every precaution will be taken to ensure their safety.”

Update: The Governor on Sunday morning, announced he will also cancel his Tuesday RNC activities in Tampa as well.

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