Friday, August 31, 2012

From Clewiston City Hall - Phones & Birds

Code Red Notification Problems During Storm

CLEWISTON, FL. -- City manager Steve McKown reports during Tropical Storm Isaac, the city made the decision to postpone garbage collection from Monday to Tuesday and used Clewiston's “Code Red” phone system for notification.

McKown says, "Unfortunately, we only reached 30% of our customers.  It was a very good 'trial run' of the emergency system, but it shows that the system has a lot of old cell phone numbers in it. We would like to be able to reach everyone in case of an emergency through this system!"

McKown says the city can call you on a land line or on a cell phone, but the numbers must be up to date and offers two options for citizens to provide a good number. Simply call utilities at 983-1454 and provide us the information or visit and click the MORE tab under City Services and the Code Red notification. The sign up site is available at the top of the page.

Utilities Director Kevin McCarthy reports:

"Overall, the City faired very well through Tropical Storm Isaac, we had NO electrical outages even through the 40+ MPH wind gusts. We had over 6 inches of rain which did show some of our problems with inflow into our sewer system. With the manholes underwater, we have pumped an additional 1.5 million gallons through our plant. The flow is returning to normal and we will be addressing some of our worst areas from both a drainage and inflow issue.

"A flock of doves has been trying to roost in our substation; the unfortunate 12 will not be a problem anymore. The last two times that feeder two has tripped has been caused by birds. We have not had this kind of problem in our substation in the past and will be installing bird guards on top of the feeder breakers. We are also looking into some other methods of discouraging them from being in the substation."

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