Monday, August 13, 2012

Last Chance To Hear Hendry-Glades Candidates

39 Candidates Speak On Video At Port LaBelle Rally

LABELLE, FL. -- The Primary Elections are this week, Tuesday August 14th. The polls open at 7 a.m. Here's your opportunity to hear 39 candidates running for local and state offices for Hendry and Glades county, Florida as they spoke to a recent gathering of voters.

The candidates spoke at the Birchwood Parkway Community Association at Port LaBelle, Florida on July 28, 2012. Master of Ceremonies was Jim Roach. The location was at the Living Waters Church on State Road 80 and Birchwood Parkway in Port LaBelle.

To go directly to each candidate's speech at YouTube, Click here (or click on the YouTube logo at bottom right of the video) where you may then click on the time in the comments section to go directly to each candidate's section of the video.

(Speakers and time during video)
State And Judge Candidates:
00:02 Paula House
00:35 Ron Saunders
01:15 Pam Brown
01:48 Meg Steinbeck
03:15 M.C. Fernandez III
04:30 Lisa Spader Porter

Local Glades County Candidates:
05:30 Dennis Griffin
06:13 Weston Pryor
06:48 K. S. Butch Jones
07:26 Paul Beck
07:56 Tim Stanley
09:05 Bob Giesler
09:50 Don Davis (Hendry County)
10:22 Sandra Brown
11:50 George Humphries
12:45 Robert Wilson
14:27 Stewart Whiddon
15:06 Michelle Brunetto
16:55 Robin Knight McLean
18:55 Lorie Ward

Local Hendry County Candidates:
19:58 Larry Wilcoxson
21:03 Barbara Butler
21:37 Mark R. Chamberlain
22:17 Raymond A. Van Houten
23:58 Steven Maldonado
25:55 Kristina A. Kulpa
26:40 Phillip L. Pelletier
28:03 Tom Corbitt
30:11 Peggy S. Hampton
30:38 Kevin Drummond
31:21 Brenda Hoots
32:29 Rose Raulerson-Mason
33:43 Robbie Ahern (Glades County)
35:00 Jennie Allen (Glades County)
36:17 John Perry
36:54 Scott Bass (Glades County)
37:41 Janice Brown (Glades County)
38:04 Paul Puletti
39:26 Joel Williamson

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