Sunday, August 12, 2012

Vote Brunetto - Glades Property Appraiser

Michelle Brunetto is running for Glades County property appraiser. She is running because she knows that with her knowledge and experience she will serve the Glades County residents well.

Michelle is a ten year resident of Glades County and an officer at First Bank. She is also recent past president of Rotary Club of LaBelle.

The motto that Rotarians live by is “Service Above Self”. She will continue to live by that motto to serve the residents of Glades County.

Michelle has almost 30 years of evaluating, reviewing and appraising properties for their fair market value. In mortgage lending it is an integral part of the lending process, and appraisals cross her desk on a daily basis.
Michelle graduated from the Society of Real Estate Appraisers course at St. Thomas University.

This course is transferable as one of the major courses required to become certified for Glades County property appraiser.

She also conducted appraisals which include searching for comparables, on-site inspections and market trend analysis.


The Property Appraiser and only the Property Appraiser establishes values.

Fair market value is what a seller will sell for, and what a buyer will pay for a property, both being knowledgeable and not under duress.

She already has the knowledge and experience to do just that.

Michelle has management experience in large and small companies and has strengthened this skill by completing accounting, business law, and many management courses.

Michelle noted that the Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal program in use now is very helpful, however, to quote from the Manual, “ the accuracy of the values depends on the reliability of the data from which they are generated.” In other words “ GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT.”

She has the knowledge and experience to ensure that the correct data is entered so more often the result will be good data in, good values out.

One of the requests Michelle has run across is that the Glades County Property Appraisers web site be updated. She wholeheartedly agrees. She has already researched this, and the company that got Hendry County’s website up and running has said that there is no upfront costs and an affordable monthly fee. This would not only benefit current property owners in having more information on how their values are assessed, but also benefit realtors, lenders, appraisers, surveyors, AND the individual that is thinking of purchasing a property in Glades County. They could see it, get a feel for the area. More property owners equal a larger tax base and that is good for Glades County and in turn good for the residents of Glades County.
Michelle states “ If you honor me with your vote, I will be honest, fair, straightforward and will not forget that I am there to serve you!”

Vote for a better Glades County. Vote for Michelle Brunetto!

-Paid For And Approved by Michelle Brunetto, Candidate For Glades Property Appraiser, Democrat

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