Saturday, August 18, 2012

International Geocaching Day Brings Out Hikers

GPS Receivers, The Woods, And A Fun Hobby Celebrated Today

LABELLE, FL. -- Watch for tens of thousands of folks walking through the woods today with GPS receivers in hand. It's International Geocaching Day where 'geocachers' seek hidden caches in locations all around the globe.

(Video: Curt, Becky, and Jerri, all from Miami, visit C.R.E.W. Marsh in Collier County)

The hobby has caught on world-wide thanks to the website and it's enormous database of hidden caches in just about every community you can think of.

There are dozens of hidden geocaches in the Hendry and Glades county area. Go to the geocaching website and make a search to find the locations and sign up for your own geocaching profile page.

As geocachers unite on August 18 to celebrate International Geocaching Day, devoting the day enjoying what they love — geocaching, those who log an “Attended” at an Event Cache or a “Found it” for another cache type on International Geocaching Day earn a souvenir for their profile page.

Thousands of adventurers will attend one of more than 250 International Geocaching Day events around the globe.

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