Monday, August 06, 2012

Lorie Ward - Candidate For Glades Property Appraiser

The reason that I would like to be your Glades County Property Appraiser is because I love Glades County! I have dedicated my life to outstanding public service and I find satisfaction in helping people. In 1995 I was certified by the Department of Revenue and in 2005 I became the Assistant Tax Collector of Glades County. My 32 years in the Tax Collector’s Office have provided me with a wealth of information and I will build upon that foundation. I realize that the Property Appraiser has a great responsibility and I will approach it with due diligence and learn all that I can to ensure you that your appraisals will be carefully determined and consistently fair.

My commitment to you, the property owners of Glades County is to have an open door. When you have a question or problem, I will sit down with you myself and work out a solution. I want you to be confident that your appraisals are fair. I also want to be sure that you take advantage of all of your allowed exemptions, in an effort to keep your taxes as low as possible.

The one thing that I have heard repeatedly while campaigning door to door is that many residents in our outer communities feel disconnected. I will put forth the EXTRA effort to open the line of communication that we so desperately need! I will do this in 3 ways:

1. I will send out a monthly email.

2. I will use the local newspapers including the Southwest Florida Online Sunday News.

3. I will attend the community association meetings.

I will put the maps on the Property Appraiser’s website. I have contacted the Property Appraiser’s current vendor and he has assured me that this can be done for a very low one time charge. The cost is very affordable and will not require a budget increase. I intend to work within the Property Appraiser’s current budget and manage this office efficiently, which will also save property owners money on their taxes.

I have extensive budgeting and management experience in Glades County government along with Business Law and Financial Accounting from Indian River State College.

-submitted by Lorie Ward

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