Friday, August 17, 2012

Clewiston Police Chief Reports Week's Activities

Burglaries Attempted This Week In Clewiston
CLEWISTON, FL. -- Clewiston Police Don Chief Gutshall reports this week some local businesses have suffered “attempted” burglaries this week. He said, all attempts were isolated to the East End of Sugarland Highway. Nothing appears to be missing from any of the businesses adding "a good alarm systems (including a large dog) worked well in these instances."

The department has two officers serving Armed Forces Reserve duty during August. Both will then act as security in Tampa for the Republican Convention. "It is a difficulty to deal with this for such a small agency manpower wise, but we are so very proud of them too." said the Chief.  Please remember Sgt. Justin Spence (USCG Reserve) and Sgt. Patrick Malley (National Guard).

K-9 Handler Garrett and his partner, Javiar, are responsible for the removal of a gun and narcotics from the Clewiston streets this week. A nice arrest went along with that. Officer Chamberlain also kicked in a foot race of his own with a prize consisting of a good arrest and confiscated bag of marijuana. 

The Chief would like to remind residents also of the efforts of K-9 Handler Pilon and his partner, Dax, who together tracked and arrested the armed robbers from Popeye’s restaurant a couple of weeks ago. Clewiston's two K-9 Teams are really showing their value lately.

A brief synopsis of the weekly activity in Clewiston:1816 Commercial / Residential Security Checks
895 Complaints Investigated
13 Criminal Arrests
50 Traffic Citations Issued
45 Red Light Camera Infractions
154 Merchant Escorts
28 Alarms Responded To
10 Traffic Accidents Investigated

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    In Southwest Florida What are the Real Estate prices. I found the house and the price seems low. But Zillow has it at 203,000. That sounds high. Has SW FLorida really gone up that much?