Sunday, August 12, 2012

Last Chance For Seven Glades Politicians

Glades Election Tuesday Will Be End Of Trail For Seven

MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- The primary election this Tuesday will be the end of the road for seven Glades County political hopefuls and a final win for five candidates.

On August 14th, polls will open at 7 a.m. in Glades county, and all voters will be allowed to vote for the candidates in five races, regardless of voter party affiliation.

All voters may vote for at the primary when all candidates are in the same political party. This year all voters can cast their vote for Glades Superintendent of Schools, County Commission Districts 1 and 5, School Board District 2, and Clerk of Court. The winner for all these seats will be determined Tuesday. There will be no November election for these seats.

Glades county's Superintendent of Schools race will be determined by all voters on Tuesday between Democrats Scott Bass and Janice Brown. The Glades Clerk of Court race will also be decided Tuesday between Sandra Brown and George Humphries, both Democrats.

The Glades County Commission District 1 seat will be decided by all voters Tuesday between K.S. "Butch" Jones, Weston Pryor, and Dennis Griffin. For District 5, the race will end Tuesday between Bob Geisler and Tim Stanley. All the above commission candidates are Democrats.

And likewise, voters regardless of party affiliation will choose the Glades School Board District 2 member between Robbie Ahern and Jenny Allen.

In the Glades Property Appraiser race, Democratic voters will choose between Lorie Ward and Michelle Brunetto. The winner Tuesday will face then off with Republican Robin Knight McLean in November.

Southwest Florida Online previously invited all candidates to submit biographies. Only Scott Bass (bio) and Lorie Ward (bio) accepted the invitation. Janice Brown and Michelle Brunetto both have placed paid political advertising on Southwest Florida Online last week and this week.

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