Sunday, May 15, 2011

$50,000 Reward Offered By LaBelle Man

Wanted - Information On Fire

LABELLE, FL. -- Downing Ashley George, sole owner of Ashley and Sons, Inc., a scrap metal dealer south of LaBelle, is offering a $50,000 reward to catch an alleged arsonist.

Downing reports his property has been a target of arsonists, destroying a swamp buggy and welding equipment and property worth $250,000, all, he says were uninsured.  He says he's paying the reward from his own pocket for information about who may have set the fire April 28th.

Ashley and Sons was incorporated in 2009, and Ashley owns various industrial properties on South and North Industrial Loop in LaBelle and operates a junk yard, scrap metal business at 4175-4215 South State Road 29.  

There have been 18 zoning violations, citations, and complaints surrounding George family properties on State Road 29 South since 2003. The latest action is a sign erected without a permit in April 2011, a mobile office installed without a permit, amd erecting a structure over scales without a permit, both in March 2011, The property, next to the Azteca Market, has been considered by many an "eysore" on State Road 29 for many years.

Call George at (863) 673-1672 for information on the reward.


  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I hope the HCSO knows to keep a eye on this "WHOLE"
    situation if you know what I mean.

  2. Anonymous6:12 PM

    they are. george contributed over 5000.00 to whidden during his campain so you can bet he is all over that.

  3. My question is,isn't there cameras at the aztec gas station possibly pointing in somewhat that direction. Why doesn't he have cameras on his property ? Iv known the man nearly 23 years. I can't even figure that out.