Monday, May 23, 2011

Port LaBelle Church Moves Old Sign

Church Signs Placed Without Permits - Now Gone

LABELLE, FL. -- Many don't realize a Hendry or Glades county permit is required when placing signs on property. Healing Waters Worship Center on the corner of State Road 80 and Birchwood Parkway in Port LaBelle found out last week after it received a notice of violation from the Hendry Building Department.

No permiit was issued for the newly placed sign on Birchwood Parkway, said the building department.

A bright orange notice of violation was attached to the sign by the county code inspector early last week. The church removed the sign this weekend.

While the Healing Waters church grounds are immaculately landscaped by church members each weekend and the building itself is well kept, an older "mobile" type sign was placed at the entrance on Birchwood, while another new permanent sign was erected on State Road 80 at the other entrance to the church. 

The signs seem to not be in keeping with the character of the neighborhood and of the nearby Laurel Oaks neighborhood, and probably violate size requirements for signs along State Road 80, as well as being in excess of the total number of signs allowed per parcel. 

One sign per parcel, of a square footage in keeping with the building size, is generally permitted by the county code.

The county's sign ordinance has particular regulations in the  "Gateway" provisions of the code which pertains to State Road 80, the main east-west thoroughfare through Hendry county,

The sign code attempts to keep signage at a minimum, with as little visual clutter along the highway, and mandates strict adherence to specifications of signs allowed.

Hendry Building Code:Reference:

(Video: Church building and old sign, now removed, showing orange violation notice)

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