Friday, May 20, 2011

Ready For The End Of The World May 21?

Harold Camping Predicts Judgment Day At 6 P.M.

89-year old Harold Camping (photo left) is predicting the Judgment Day for May 21st. A radio broadcaster, and president of Family Radio, Camping's website provides lots of information about the Judgment Day, why it's true, and offers all his proof among Bible verses and his interpretations of the texts.
Camping says the Rapture will happen Saturday, and five months later on October 21, God will destroy the Earth and universe. He previously said the Rapture would happen in 1994.
Camping teaches that a Biblical calendar is hidden in the books of Daniel and Revelation. According to his calculations, the world was created in 11,013 B.C. and the Flood was in 4990 B.C. 
Camping's followers say 200 million people will be Raptured, about 3% of the world's population. The remainder will simply cease to be conscious rather than spend eternity in Hell.
On it is proclaimed "Judgment Day May 21, 2011, the Bible Guarantees It!" Literature available on the webpage includes an article on "Gay Pride: Sign of the End."

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  1. What makes the 21 May doomsday scenario even more beguiling is the fact that even though the earth may not come to a screeching halt tomorrow, the culminating myriad of world and social conflicts, has forced a reappraisal of doctrines, intellectual and aesthetic considerations of what time, reason, faith, logic, and what humanity really means.

    It is this continual protracted debilitation of our times, that in some way has ironically led to a kind of death of us all. Or perhaps a kind of liberation. After all isn’t that what the second coming is meant to highlight?