Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Port LaBelle Mystery - Bridge Barrels

Why Are Ten Barrels Under Bridge?

LABELLE, FL. -- For many weeks ten 30-gallon chemical barrels were stored under a bridge on Birchwood Parkway just north of the Hendry-Glades county line.

Why they were there is a mystery. One white container was marked as Landmaster II. It's a herbicide. The 30-gallon container had an 800 number for the manufacturer Diamond-R Fertilizer Company of Ft. Pierce. The company said they didn't know why so many barrels would be hidden under the bridge but advised to make a call to their LaBelle office.

The LaBelle office didn't have any idea why they were there but said someone might be able to pick them up.

A contact was then made to the Glades county Emergency Management office who said they could pick them up.

While the ten barrels were just a few yards away from a two small lakes it didn't seems like there was any evidence of a spill that might have contaminated the water where cattle and horses drink.

Some locals speculate the chemicals might have been used in making methamphetamines; crystal meth or crank meth.

The barrels have now been pick up. Any ideas on why they were under the bridge?

Video: 10 barrels under the Birchwood Bridge and the nearby lake where livestock drink and graze.


  1. Anonymous4:45 PM

    The residents of Laurel Oaks know what those barrels are doing there.We have a residence here in this neighborhood that openly flaunts the law and the judicial system.We have slowed the customers coming to the house,now the white Chrysler goes out many times a day to deliver their poison.Don Browne,thank you for your input,your resources will help removing this blight on our beautiful neighborhood.

  2. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Thank you, Don Browne, for exposing this flagrant
    disrespect to the neighborhood of Laurel Oaks and to our law enforcement.

  3. Anonymous10:43 AM

    There seems to be something wrong with judicial system that this can go on for so many years. They dump remains also in field in Hendry County near that house. Hendry County has been "investigating" for many months. It took Glades about 2 days.