Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mysterious "Matter" Stops Casey Anthony Trial

Judge Halts Jury Selection Suddenly After Lunch Break

Judge Belvin Perry has mysteriously recessed the Casey Anthony murder trial, still in the jury selection phase, until 8:30 a.m. Thursday.  Anthony is charged in the killing of her two-year old daughter.

The court is in it's 9th day of jury selection, still looking for one more juror and eight alternates, The judge has suggested he will swear in jurors when they get to twelve, and begin opening statements next Monday in Orlando.

After a lunch break, the Judge asked defense attorney Cheney Mason if he had discussed a mystery "matter" with his client Casey Anthony. Mason indicated "yes." At 1:10 p.m. Wednesday afternoon the Judge abruptly recessed the proceedings until Thursday morning.

The court had recessed for lunch at about 11:15 a.m., and Jose Baez had asked the Judge to extend the lunch break until 1 p.m. instead of the 12:45 p.m. time the Judge had suggested.

Reportedly, Baez then did not join his colleagues at the courthouse lunch room as was his pattern. Baez also did not return to court after the lunch recess. Co-counsel Mason was there however, to represent Anthony in Baez's absence. 

The defense attorney team is reportedly working without pay, although the courts do allow for costs to be reimbursed. 

Some observers have commented on lead attorney Jose Baez's inexperience, having reportedly graduated from low-ranked St. Thomas University Law School in Miami, Florida. and having reportedly failed to pass the bar exam, and finally admitted to the Florida Bar in September 2005. Baez took on the Casey Anthony case only three years after being admitted to practice law.

Speculations For The Mysterious Court Recess:

1. A filing has been made with the District Circuit Court of Appeals regarding the Judge denying defense motions on jury selection procedures.
2. Lead defense attorney Jose Baez is ill.
3. Jose Baez is withdrawing as Casey Anthony's counsel. The court would have to approve such.
4. The State has made an offer to Casey Anthony to settle the case in a plea deal, eliminating the death sentence.


  1. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Can the collective consciousness of everyone aware of this case actually prevailed and shaken the snot out of Casey and her criminal defense team?
    My theory, Casey sees the writing on the wall and realized she is no longer pulling her manipulation scam. Let's hope it's true or Baez is trying to pull a Cochrane.

  2. Anonymous2:51 PM

    I hope it isn't a plea deal. If she is guilty the death penalty should be an option considered as punishment and if she is innocent she deserves to have hername cleared. If Bozo has filed a complaint with the District Circuit Court of Appeals I think he is wasting his time and that he should be sanctioned for deliberately delaying and disrupting the process. This judge has been MORE than fair in the jury selection proceedings. Perhaps someone should give Bozo a pacifier to suck on to stop his ridiculous whining!

  3. stanley3:09 PM

    regarding Jose... his absence speaks volumes. maybe he got fired in order to stall

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  5. I hope she is pleading guilty. Why put her to death? that is the easy way out, rotting in prison for life is much harder then being put out of your misery..when will people realize you cant teach people not to murder by murder.

    Not to mention if she pleads guilty and admits she did it, maybe we can get some answers on what she did and why she did it.

  6. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Since there's a new lawyer at the denfense table, my first thought was that Jose Baez was fired by Anthony. The way Baez goes on and on, I was expecting him to talk the jury into a coma.

    If there is a plea deal and sentencing, I hope it will be televised. A lot of questions need to be answered.

  7. Jose Baez is ignorant and arrogant. Bad combination. To add to the mix, he likes to hear himself talk...BOMBSHELL: IGNORANT+ARROGANT+TALKATIVE=LIVE NEWS FOOTAGE OF HIM BEING A HORSES BEHIND. I would love to never have to listen to this guy fumble thru his own delusions of grandeur...but if that could possibly throw the trial off, then I guess I would rather suffer thru his narcissism. Lets just get on with the trial. I think Caylee deserves that much.

  8. Lawyers are Liars7:40 PM

    This clown is the personifcation of the fork tongue lawyer who intends to subvert justice at any cost. His goal is to create a sideshow and confuse and win sympathy from a single juror who will hang the jury.