Friday, May 27, 2011

Decomposing Smell From Casey Anthony Car

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Human Remains Odor Possibly Coming From Car

Testifying at the Casey Anthony murder trial Friday, Simon Birch, an employee of Johnson's Towing in Orlando told the court he smelled an odor like decomposing human remains coming from the white Pontiac Casey Anthony had abandoned.

(video: Simon Birch testifies about odor from Anthony car)

The car was abandoned by Anthony at a check cashing store near a shopping mall, and towed by the company to it's secured lot.

Birch, having worked for decades in the towing business said he had experience with the odor of human remains, relating he had several occasions when decaying remains had been in towed vehicles. 

He said there was another vehicle on the lot at the time of the Anthony towing, of a suicide victim who had decomposed in the vehicle.

Birch has also formerly worked for Waste Management, a garbage and recycling company, and said he was very familiar with odors.

He did not report the odor to authorities he said because the vehicle was locked, and nothing was visible from the windows so as to confirm that there were human remains in it. 

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